Commercial Infrared and Pothole Repair in Tennessee

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Our Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Potholes and other damages can make parking lots and driveways around your business more difficult to navigate and not as aesthetically -pleasing, interfering with the overall appearance of your commercial property. Turn to Bracken Paving and know that we have the experience to fill cracks and repair the damages efficiently. We’re happy to service your asphalt repair needs in Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, Tennessee as well as in Southwest Virginia.

Infrared and Pothole Repairs

Our Infrared and Pothole Repair Process

First, call us and we can give you a free quote for the service. Next, we’ll take a look at the damages in your asphalt pavement to assess how best to complete the repairs. If the damages are suited to being patched with infrared repairs, we’ll use infrared rays to soften the asphalt. Then, we’ll add new asphalt and blend it with the existing pavement for a seamless repair.

If the damage you’re facing is a pothole, then we’ll clean the pothole, add a tack coat, fill it with asphalt mix, and compact the material to create a smooth surface.

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Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Pothole Repairs

  • Prevents Accidents: Timely pothole repairs help prevent accidents such as trips, falls, and vehicle damage.
  • Reduces Liability Risks: By addressing potholes promptly, your business can minimize the risk of liability for accidents or injuries that may occur on the property due to neglected potholes.
  • Enhances Property Appearance: Maintaining a pothole-free parking lot or driveway improves the overall appearance of your commercial property, creating a positive impression on customers and visitors.

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